OUR brand name story

The Color of Kings

Rougepourpre is a legendary brand name experience that comes from the word Phoenicians which means purple-red the color of kings; a dye of luxury that comes from Murex shellfish native to Lebanon.

Each shellfish contains just one drop of the precious liquid, hence the idea of Royal purple.

our philosophy

We create long lasting products for future generations.

Our philosophy

Our thinking made visual

Rougepourpre is a furniture and product design studio based in Lebanon.
Our designs are a reflection of our architecture, we employ the same rigorous approach as our buildings, taking significant inspiration from nature by using pattern, repetition, organic and undulating forms of pieces.

Our work reflects the rich variety nature and history of our mediterranean roots, mixing vibrant colours, patterns, with a contemporary aesthetic, prioritizing people, rather than being purely aesthetic. Our approach to design is a mix between crafting individual, functional pieces, using traditional and durable materials like timber, copper and stone with computerized manufacturing.
We believe that design should resist trends and encourage people to consume less, envision Legacy quality furniture—pieces that are designed and built to last forever.

about us

The quality of our lives is improved through technological and sustainable approaches.

Our strategy

Our thinking made visual

Our furniture enjoys contemporary enduring design by using simple, efficient construction principles and clean lines, with greatest respect for function, material selection, attention to details and sustainability. Rougepourpre is a multidisciplinary team working from furniture, product to accessories design. Our Services include but are not limited to collections of furniture and products, to customized variations of the collections fitting any specific project needs, to bespoke commissions.

Our values

Flexibility, Durability and consequently Sustainability are our core values.